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Foster and Protect Small, Locally Owned Businesses

I know that it takes a special kind of person to put themselves out there by running a small business. My father operated a small business on Connecticut Avenue until his retirement in 2011. I worked with him often, seeing firsthand how demanding it all was. I also helped start Cleveland Park Main Street and I chair ANC 3C where I work with many small businesses to help them navigate District bureaucracy, find customers, and grow.

Here are a few policies I would propose to help our small businesses:

  • commercial rent stabilization for small businesses;

  • tax credits for property owners to offer stabilized rent to small and local businesses;

  • a more rapid application of the commercial vacancy tax to encourage lower retail rents and more creative use of empty retail spaces (e.g., pop ups);

  • foster commercial community land trusts;

  • ensure developments that use public funds set aside space for local businesses.

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