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Beau Finley


I’m Beau Finley, a union leader, an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, and an experienced attorney.  I’m a staunch advocate for DC statehood and have found support for statehood from Democrats across the country, including a presidential candidate and many Democratic state legislators in Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and beyond. I was born in the District and, for the last 24 years, I have either lived or worked in Ward 3.

As the Vice President of my union chapter, I fought for employee rights at the bargaining table and represented workers against illegal management actions.  As an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner in Cleveland Park, I’ve pushed for affordable housing in Ward 3 and worked hard to support our local businesses and revitalize our commercial corridor.  As Chair of ANC 3C, I continue to advocate for safer streets, protecting our environment, and transparent public processes.  Until I began this campaign, I’d spent my career in federal service, where I’ve expanded access to broadband for low-income households, ensured first responders can provide emergency service in need, ensured accountability while working for an Inspector General, and worked with Tribal nations to provide robust access to telephone and internet service.

My wife and I call the Quebec House Apartments our home, where I’ve lived for over seventeen years.   

I attended Blessed Sacrament, just off Chevy Chase Circle, for both elementary and middle school. After that, I went to BCC for high school. I then attended the University of Maryland for my undergraduate degree in Economics and Georgetown University Law Center for law school.

In my spare time, I dabble in photography, play synthesizers, and have my hopes routinely crushed by the Washington Wizards.


You can reach me via or at 202-743-0454.

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