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Increased Accountability and Oversight

Too often in the District, the Mayor unveils a new idea that lacks follow-through.  Many of our schools (e.g., Horace Mann Elementary) have smart boards that don’t work and don’t have a service contract.  Our roads are repaved poorly enough that they develop potholes within a year (see, e.g., Brandywine Street NW).  The District rehouses those experiencing homelessness but does not provide sufficient wraparound services to ensure safety and security (see Forest Hills).  

Throughout all of this, it is clear that the District often doesn’t have a plan – not for the long-term and more surprisingly not for the short-term.  There’s “step 1” but no idea if there should be further steps or what those would look like.  This has been the case for the entirety of this administration, but there has been little from Council indicating that this is a problem.  

I will change that.

I spent the first portion of my career as an award-winning government auditor, looking at the details of a massive $1.8 billion federal program to see how the organization would use those funds and what short-term and long-term strategies were in place to make sure those funds were put to good use.  I’ll put those skills to work as the Ward 3 Councilmember.  

Over the past fourteen years, I worked as a federal attorney where I routinely ensured that multibillion dollar telecommunications companies compiled with federal regulations. I know how to demand compliance. I know how to get results. And I look forward to furthering transparency, oversight, and accountability as the Ward 3 Councilmember.

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