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Toward a Ward 3 for All

I believe in the transformative power of politics.  I believe that we need to elect leaders with experience, vision, and empathy who are willing to fight for all of us.
That’s why I’m running to represent Ward 3.

Our government should not just be responsive to our current needs but also plan for our future needs.  It must provide opportunities for all and care for those who need it.  

I believe we can make the future we dream of a reality.  Please join me on this campaign for a better, stronger, and more just DC.

Prioritizing Public Safety

Everyone deserves to be safe in Ward 3.  The recent increase in crime, especially along Connecticut Avenue in Van Ness and Forest Hills, has rightfully led to stress and anxiety among those of us who frequent the corridor.  Ward 3 deserves a response that will get results and not just make headlines.  

Strong Schools

Ward 3 schools are bursting at the seams and our neighborhoods are growing. We need to invest in more schools, improve schools District-wide, close the achievement gap, improve teacher retention, maintain our public schools, and increase transparency and accountability.

Affordable Housing for All

Housing is a human right.  And DC needs more affordable housing to cope with the current housing crunch and the impending housing crisis. 

Reducing Healthcare Costs

Healthcare is a human right.  It’s also sadly an unaffordable luxury for most, which is part of why we have 24,000 uninsured residents across the District, most of whom are Black and brown.  

Accountability and Oversight

Over the past fourteen years, I worked as a federal attorney where I routinely ensured that multibillion dollar telecommunications companies complied with federal regulations. I know how to demand compliance. I know how to get results. And I look forward to furthering transparency, oversight, and accountability as the Ward 3 Councilmember.

Safer Streets and More Reliable Transportation

I believe in a Ward 3 with vibrant, walkable neighborhoods accessible to people of every age.

Protecting Workers' Rights

I’ve been a union leader.  I’ve fought for my fellow members at the bargaining table. ’ve represented employees against management to protect employees.  And I’ve seen how my union made my federal agency a better place to work and more effective at its job. 

A Plan for Small Businesses

I  helped start Cleveland Park Main Street and I chair ANC 3C where I work with many small businesses to help them grow.

Advancing Racial Equity


We as a city have been working together, in fits and starts, to address racial inequity and we must continue to do so. 

Protect our LGBTQ+ Community

Human rights are not negotiable. I will be a strong ally on Council and will look to support the LGBTQ+ community.

Climate Action Now

I am committed to a Green New Deal for DC that would allow us to be renewable energy reliant by 2030 and carbon neutral by 2040.

Economic Dynamism and Resilience

We need leaders who have raised the alarm at the first signs of economic stagnation and worked hard to bring people together to ensure that their community is on the path to a dynamic, vibrant future.  I’ve done this as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner in Cleveland Park.

Tenant Rights

We need stronger tenant protections across the District to lower costs on renters and to prevent predatory behavior by landlords.

Senior Services

Ward 3 and the District need to be a welcoming place for our seniors.  We need to make sure that our seniors can securely age in place.

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